How to Operate a For-Profit Saber Business!

Saberist Academy is all about learning Safe LED Sabering, and finding fellow Saberists who are working in the MetaStyle you want to explore yourself.  And if you are one of the amazing Instructors out there teaching this new Martial Art and want to open your own School, or even start a non-profit charity organization, there are things one needs to know in order to run these enterprises legally, and safely.

The Directors of our Academy are proud to offer the only Workshop for Professional LED Saber Instructors available anywhere; Owning and Operating a Pro LED Saber Business!

Our next Business Workshops will be at the upcoming San Francisco Comic Con in our Saber City room (recommended Donation $25 each course):

  • LED Saber Sport Dueling Business Seminar – June 8th, 7pm
  • LED Saber Stage Combat Business Seminar – June 9th, 7pm

While we are more specifically oriented to Networking and Certifications for Saber Instructors, these workshops are perfect for giving business owners what they need to run an effective training program, and doing it legally.

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