New Solano County CA Location

Saberist Academy is proud to present a fantastic partnership with Fairfield, CA’s own Kyber Cave! Donate to the GoFundMe campaign now, we need your help!

Since 2005, there have been small clubs and groups around the world discovering the new Martial Art of LED Sabering, starting from one Stage Combat club in New York City that went on to inspire thousands of others around the world. Yet with all that growth, beside the amazing new Saber manufacturers available or the various fantastic custom installers aroudn the world, the need for professional Saber services has been largely hard to find outside of the random martial arts dojo with an ad-hoc class schedule with the local saber technician, or solo Saber Makers crafting amazing one-offs that would make any SciFi fan salivate uncontrollably. Make no mistake, the Saber is gaining momentum, and we are here to stoke that fire!

Introducing the Kyber Cave in downtown Fairfield, California’s first LED Saber Armory Salon, and its owner Van O’Bryan has paired with the Head Director of the Saberist Academy, founded by veteran saberist Flynn Michael (formerly of The New York Jedi), to provide a one-stop-shop for all things Sabering!  And to make it even better, WE ARE OPENING IN A MALL!

Located in Northern California directly between Sacramento and the Northern Bay area, our goal is to provide a single location both in-store and online where you can browse and purchase everything you could need for all levels of LED saber combat and flow.  The first true LED Saber Pro-Shop available to both local and international Saberists.

With lease in hand and doors slated to open December 1st, 2018, in order to make this dream a reality we need your help!  With your support, the new Kyber Cave shop will offer LED Sabers for Flow, Sport Dueling, Cosplay, Stage Combat, and all your LED Saber needs. In-store you will have access to an array of saber options, allowing you to build your own LED Saber right in the store, with our trained employees installing the electronics and LED of your choice. We’ll also help you to find the best custom designer to complete your ideal saber.

In addition to sabers, we will also offering several levels of protective gear and other safety equipment that far exceeds the requirements of your desired sabering interests.  And of course, everything will be available online in one easy-to-search website catalog. You tell us what you want, and we’ll ship it to you.

Now with your Saber in hand, it then comes time to learn how to use it. This is where Saberist Academy’s classes complete the vision. Within the store itself, we will be providing saberist classes ranging from choreographed stage combat, to competition sparring, to self-defense martial arts. And for those across the country or the world, we will be able to provide online content that you will be able to employ in your own training at home or with your own groups.

Our overall intention is to share ideas and methods with the LED Saber community at large, growing the community and bringing it together at the same time. This is our opportunity to push the envelope a little more, and it’s a perfect time.

And of course, we will host tournaments of our own for those that wish to take part in them.

So, if you’re in the Bay Area, and want to become a true Saberist, contribute to the fundraiser today and help us create something AMAZING!

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