8 Core Principles


–A common required skillset where from all Saberists base their format of saber practice.
–The 3 most commonly pursued styles of LED Saber Arts stemming from these principles are Academic Martial Study, Stage Combat, and Sparring or Sport Dueling. These are referred to as “MetaStyles”.
–They address the basic needs of the casual attendee, to the devoted Saber practitioner.
–These are from existing, widely used and correct interpretations of many core practical sword techniques based on decades worth of Saber training experience from teachers around the world.
8 Core Principles w text
  1. Safety (All MetaStyles require appropriate Practical Applications individual to each)
  2. Respect / Awareness
  3. Body Mechanics, Planes of Motion
  4. Footwork / Stances, (Triangles, Rails, etc.)
  5. Basic Strikes, (9 points)
  6. Basic Defensive Structure (Diamonds, Boxes, Circles, 8’s)
  7. Range and Motion
  8. Understanding Movement  (leads into forms & sets stage for various teachers departure into individual styles)
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