Certification Requirements

FAQ: “What are the requirements for instructor certification? I am an experienced martial artist trained in [fill in your martial art style here].  What are the pre-requisits for my MetaStyle?”

We require an Understanding of the 8 Core Principles of LED Saber Combat that set the attention levels of practice within the 3 MetaStyles of our framework of practical applications:

 * Academic Learning and Drills
 * Stage Combat
 * Sport Dueling
Of course, given your background you will understand these required Principles:
 * Safety
 * Awareness / Respect
 * Mechanics
 * The 9 Strike Zones
 * Basic Stances
 * Basic Defense
 * Range and Motion
 * Expanded Movement
They may not be in the order you are used to, but they are relevant just the same.  In each, there is a level of attention to the Principle in each MetaStyle. The most obvious is the Safety level. In example:
 * Academic Saftey level – Comfortable Clothes
 * Stage Combat – Knee Pads, knuckle gloves
 * 8 Sport Dueling – Proper armor and padding
Of all the various teachers and methods out there, we believe a basic framework we can all agree on is needed, but there are three main interests, bing the three MetaStyle’s we identify. Of course there are more, but these are the most common knowledge requests. So in order to “pass our requirements” we need to know that you know and understand these points:
 – Be defined in your MetaStyle
 – Exhibit full understanding of your level in the Core Principles.
 – Have a curriculum that plugs into and builds upon these standards.
With your paid Certification registration as an Instructor in our Saberist Network, other saberists around the world can find you, and then sign up for classes as well. We’re about to launch an App we think you will like. You also get a framed Certificate and an SA patch.