Ben Judkins – History of the Lightsaber Martial Study Community

Seven Forms - Ben Judkins
If you haven’t read the writings of Ben Judkins, know this: Ben is a man who not only is a serious Martial Artist, and pervasive inquisitor of new expressions of our most cherished traditional styles, but he is also fluent in many languages within the fandom sword empire.  His most recent essay, “The Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat – Hyper-reality and the Invention of the Martial Arts” not only tracks down the most passionate players in the landscape around this new Martial Expression of the sword, he truly unearths the very roots of our International Lightsaber Community.

To read the article, click here:  MAS Journal Spring 2016_Judkins_Lightsaber

All content is displayed under permission of the author.  Enormous thanks to Ben Judkins for including us in this historic work. We are most grateful.

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