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Since forever, storytelling has been at the heart of sharing knowledge between friends, family, and students of all wisdom. And many Science Fiction films celebrate and exemplify the hero’s journey to overcome evil. During this classic journey, the hero is given tools and wisdom in order to arrive at their destination with power and confidence to overcome the obstacle at hand.  One of the most popular cinematic weapons ever known has been the sword, and in this case, a saber made of light.

Today, where does the wisdom for these tools come from? For the LED Saber in our time, it comes from us. We are now the ones writing the new tales of “wisdom sharing” regarding the fictional sword. Whether a Stage Actor, a Sparring Practitioner, or Martial Artist, we all share a ground work that gives a springboard to each of our unique voices. But you must know the basics. That’s where we come in.


– In over a decade of LED Saber teaching, we’ve seen a exponential growth rate starting with one training club in 2005, to over 1,600+ now operating globally.
– Could this be an Olympic Sport?  We think it definitely is a goal for such an audience.
– Who is teaching the next generation, what’s the source material?
– What are the safe tools and guidelines we all use, and how can we effectively share and distribute these teaching tools?
– What are our Certification Requirements?


–Having a unified toolset drawn from and agreed upon by all the established Source Schools gives all teaching credibility in a well established new art form.
–Sets a known level of expertise recognized among teaching peers.
–Provides a solid framework for all Interpretations of Saber styles to expand upon, even in their own MetaStyle (Saberology/Flow/Stage/Sport, etc.).

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