Interested in becoming an investing business partner with Saberist Academy, LLC?  We are on the verge of some major announcements and have begun projects that will create a new level of service to the Sabering Community world-wide.

We are actively looking for National Partnerships that will allow our Saber Programs to expand not only across the United States, but internationally. This includes existing martial arts schools & teachers, Business Entrepreneurs, and large-scale franchise investors.

Let’s create an example, as if we were on NBC’s Shark Tank, and made these statements for the following Sharks:

  • Mark Cuban: “Mark, you know the Sports Industry, and when a new Sport has a 3400% growth rate in  just under 4 years, it could be a fluke like HackySack, or the next big Olympic Standard. Since I have personally watched that growth over a longer 15 year course, we are more than convinced it’s the latter.”
  • Damon John: “Damon knows Merchandising and Franchising. Along with the basic LED Saber product needed to practice any of these branches of Saberism, there’s huge opportunity for Sports and Safety Gear, clothing, and more distribution of a wide-range of related products. Even the Cosplay side of this is enormous!”
  • Barbara Corcoran: “Real Estate is an essential element of this franchising Scenario, and there is currently a glut in the appropriately sized venues within reach of the target demographics. Not only is it a growth industry, signs of slowing down are nowhere in sight.”
  • Robert Herjevac: “Robert is an IT Systems and Entertainment guy, and he knows the necessity of a working communications network for use by a unified organization of attendees and participants, but the Pop-culture appeal to such a new Training Sport is overwhelming given the subject matter.”
  • And everyone here should understand that the world hasn’t seen an obsession with a Martial Art first seen on screen as influential in public want for knowledge and training than since seeing Bruce Lee movies for the first time, not to mention the re-emergence of sword-play in films inspiring Fencing, Kendo, and other sword-oriented learning making it to Olympic competitions.”

If this sounds like the business investment you have been looking for, you are correct. It is.

Send us an email at and tell us about your experience and vision. We’ve been waiting for you.


Founder Saberist Academy, LLC.