Location – SA Solano Town Center

Our Flagship store for LED Sabers, Saber Gear, Cosplay Workshops, and Saberology Classes, with our Repairs and Customizations Bench, the store is now open in Solano Town Center Mall, 1350 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA on the first floor, located next to H&M, if you’re looking for sabers, you know where to find us. (707) 803-5454

Open every day during Mall Hours from 10am-9pm daily, Sundays 11am-6pm, the Solano Saberist Academy is now the Galaxy’s first and only Full-range LED Saber ProShop and School. Saber Flow, Cosplay Combat, Stunt Acting, Scene Choreography, and Sport Dueling for Competitions and Tournaments now occurring around the world!

Now that the French Fencing Federation has recognized Lightsaber Sport Dueling as a legitimate Sport (meaning French government has recognized it as a sport that they will sponsor), Saberist Academy is leading the Saber Communities exploding outreach across the country with its Teaching Methodologies and Instructor Certification Program. And now, our very first Saberist Academy ProShop is open in Fairfield, California.

Now Stocking Ultrasabers, LGT, and The Custom Saber Shop parts and upgrades, soon we will be having LED Saber Sport Dueling gear in stock from Warrior, Brine, and Red Dragon UK. And for those extra special customization ideas, we are connected with a plethora of artisans that can produce that unique lightsaber concept you may have had rolling around your head for years. Now, You can actually have it made!


Classes at the Store have been ongoing and increasing since December first, and local folks are starting to understand that there is an exciting new Martial Art out there.

Instructors Flynn Michael and Christopher Dawnshadow are the resident Directors of Education for Saberology, Choreography, and Sport Dueling.  And of course the shop has a robust offering of battle-quality Ultrasabers, and other makers in stock.